April is National Kite Month in the United States, and Matador Network Editor-at-Large Eileen Smith hooks you up with some of the world’s best festivals.

BRIGHT KITES SKATE ACROSS the sky by the dozens — and sometimes the hundreds — in these worldwide kite festivals. There are single kites, single strings that fly tens of kites, and large, complex creations that require a whole team to get up in the air and flying. Go out and get some fresh air at one of these kite festivals.


Berkeley Kite Festival

Berkeley Kite Festival / Held this year July 30th and 31st in Berkeley, California. Photo by maywong_photos.


Festival of the Winds Bondi Beach Kite Festival

Festival of the Winds / In Bondi Beach, Australia, on September 11th this year. Photo by Brian Giesen.


Brisbane Kite Festival

Brisbane Kite Festival / This one takes place annually in the spring (October or November) in Brisbane, Australia. Photo by MousyBoyWithGlasses.


Bristol Kite Festival

Bristol Kite Festival / September 3 and 4 in Bristol, England. Photo by jo3hug.


Busan Kite Festival

Busan International Kite Festival / South Korea throws this one annually on the last week in March. Photo by Beyond Neon.


Cleveland Kite Festival

Cleveland Kite Festival / September 10-11, 2011, in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo by ronnie44052.


Dieppe Kite Festival

Dieppe International Kite Festival / Held bi-annually in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada. Photo by shellorz.


Drake Kite Festival

Drakefestivalen / Check out this one in Risør, Norway. Photo by eivindtjohei.


Great Lakes Kite Festival

Great Lakes Kite Festival / In Grand Haven, Michigan, this year on May 20-22. Photo by jvh33.


Himeji Kite Festival

Himeji, Japan / This Japanese town holds an annual kite festival in January. Photo by cotaro70s.


Lincoln City Kite Festivall

Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival / Takes place June 25-26, 2011, in Lincoln City, Oregon. Photo by katrinket.


Morro Bay Kite Festival

Morro Bay Kite Festival / Morro Bay's event goes down April 30-May 1 this year. Photo by flythebirdpath~} teddy.


Pacific Rim Kite Festival

Pacific Rim Kite Festival / In Vancouver, Canada, held in mid-June. Photo by thelastminute.


Semaphore Kite Festival

Adelaide International Kite Festival / At Semaphore Beach, Australia, held annually in March. Photo by mikecogh.


Singapore Kite Festival

Singapore International Water Festival / This annual event, held annually in late June, features kite flying. Photo by tallkev.


Blossom/Smithsonian Kite Festival

Blossom Kite Festival / Formerly called the Smithsonian Kite Festival, this one takes place every year in early April on the National Mall in Washington, DC.Photo by Mr. T in DC.


Portsmouth International Kite Festival

Portsmouth International Kite Festival / In Southsea, Portsmouth, England, held this year August 27-29. Photo by geishaboy500.


Supumango Day of the Dead Celebration

Day of the Dead / The festivities for this holiday in Sumpango, Guatemala, include flying these giant, brightly colored kites. Held annually, November 1.Photo by jabbusch.


TipTop Kite Day

Tip Top Kite Day / Goes down annually at the end of January in Christchurch, New Zealand. Photo by geoftheref.



Uttarayana / On this Hindu holiday celebrated on the 14th and 15th of January, kites fill the air in many parts of India. Glassed string may be used for kite-fighting. Photo by Meanest Indian.


Vũng Tàu Kite Festival

Vũng Tàu Kite Festival / Just three years old, it's held in Vietnam in early April. Photo by dreaminspirer.


Washington State International Kite Festival

Washington State International Kite Festival / A week-long event held during the third week of August in Long Beach, Washington. Photo by katrinket.


Zilker Kite Festival

The Zilker Park Kite Festival / Takes place annually in early March in Austin, Texas. Photo by GlowJangles.