Last week, we asked you to show us what you’ve seen outside your window while traveling. Here’s what Matador Network readers, writers, and editors have woken up to lately.

Dolomites, Italy

Rashmi Tambe shares with us the view of the Dolomites from her window at Hotel Colli -- a quick stop during a motorcycle trip across Europe. Photo: Rashmi Tambe


Cusco, Peru

Matador Trips Editor Hal Amen spent a month in front of this view in Cusco, Peru. "My wife and I stayed in a hostel in San Blas while taking Spanish classes. The room was cold, the kitchen sucked, and the Internet never worked, but this is what I remember -- the view down terracotta roofs to the plaza and on up the 11,000' slopes surrounding the city." Photo: Hal Amen


Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

This photo was taken out the window of a traditional longhouse in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Photo: Ally Ruttger


Leh, India

MatadorU student Abhijt Gupta captured this shot from his guesthouse in Leh -- the capital of Ladakh in northern India -- from a height of approximately 11,500'. Photo: Abhijt Gupta


Barcelona, Spain

"I stayed in a top floor apartment directly across from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  This was taken from our tiny window standing just a couple feet away.  The Sagrada Familia completely fills the view." Photo: Tiffany Stahlbaum


County Mayo, Ireland

MatadorU faculty and Goods Editor Lola Akinmade took these photos from "the impressive 780+ year old Ashford Castle in County Mayo, and thankfully in the newer wing which has less paranormal activity." Photo: Lola Akinmade Åkerström


Heidelberg, Germany

Matador Member Kae Lani Kennedy in Heidelberg, Germany.
Photo: Kae Lani Kennedy


Lisbon, Portugal

"A top-floor balcony view of Rua Augusta, a pedestrian street in Lisbon's Baixa district, from my shared suite's living room at the Travellers House Hostel." Photo: Cheri Lucas



Katrina Maniku took this photograph out the back doorway leading out to the private pool of a villa at the Sheraton Full Moon Maldives. Photo: Katrina Maniku


Madrid, Spain

Kelly Savidge found herself on this hostel balcony in Madrid last May after flying to Spain on a whim. She describes the experience as "the most spontaneous thing she's ever done." Photo: Kelly Savidge


Antalya, Turkey

Matador Editor at Large Paul Sullivan took this shot from his hotel in Antalya, Turkey, last week. Photo: Paul Sullivan


Location unknown, Zambia

Matador Intern Richard Stupart took this photo while on the TAZARA rail train between Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Photo: Richard Stupart


Cusco, Peru

Alex Hackett and his friends have been volunteering in Cusco, Peru, for the last 2.5 months at The Meeting Place, a cafe that gives 100% of its profits to 3 local organizations (an orphanage, farm/medical clinic, and a care center for developmentally challenged kids). He took this photo (and this killer time-lapse) from his window on Plaza San Blas. Photo: Alex Hackett


Utah, United States

Ryan Walsh took this photo of the Salt Flats in Utah from a car window while on a roadtrip across the United States. Photo: Ryan Walsh


Amares, Portugal

"My best friend and I traveled around northern Portugal and stayed at a few of the pousadas scattered around the region. This photo was taken out of our window at the Pousada Santa Maria de Bouro, outside of Amares. The inn was constructed from the ruins of a former 12th century Cistercian monastery." Photo: Katherine



"A visitor at my ger door" in Mongolia. Photo: Rebecca Ashton


Luang Prabang, Laos

Marissa Garza shared this photo of the view at the Thongbay Guesthouse in Luang Prabang, Laos: "Across the river, there is a Buddhist monastery that you could hear from time to time. It was the most amazing thing to wake up to and a view I will treasure forever." Photo: Marissa Garza


Sapa, Vietnam

"Looking down on Hmong Women bargaining with the tourists" in Sapa, Vietnam.
Photo: Ashley Halseth


Victoria, Australia

Brave New Traveler Editor Carlo Alcos responded to our call with this photo shot through the door of a tent while on the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria, Australia. Photo: Carlo Alcos


Mysore, India

This photo was taken in a village outside Mysore, India, where Scott Merk stopped for breakfast at the home of some friends on the way from Bangalore to Mysore. "After breakfast, I stood in the doorway and watched the kids walking past… As my traveling companions finished eating and joined me outside, we all played a spontaneous game of tag with the kids in the street." Photo: Scott Merk

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