Would you ATV, mountain bike, or rock climb in a giant asbestos pit? Vote below.
Asbestos mine, Quebec

Photos: LHOON

THE LOCAL TOURISM BOARD in Asbestos, Quebec, is getting creative.

They’ve decided to take the small town’s one and only marketing point — the 2km-wide Jeffrey mine, largest open-pit asbestos mine in the world — and turn it into an attraction. So says an article in last week’s Guardian.

The town and region have made headlines before, for resisting the accepted medical consensus on asbestos and continuing to export it for use in developing nations. That story itself is fascinating, but probably falls under the jurisdiction of a different Network site.

What intrigues us here at Trips is that locals seem to be taking their bucking of international health advisories to the extreme of inviting visitors to tool around in their asbestos dust. And marketing it as “healthy living and adventure activities.”

“It’s like a great big sand pit, a gigantic playground!”
– Marc Cantin, coordinator at the local tourist board

So how crazy do you think this idea is? Would you ride a mountain bike, drive an ATV, or rock climb in Asbestos’ Jeffrey mine? Cast your vote below:

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Read about how to protect yourself against asbestos exposure in your home in Avoiding Household Dangers: An Interview With The Queen Of Clean, Alison Haynes.

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