The Thermal Sounds of Yellowstone from Coldstreams on Vimeo.

It’s like one of those “sounds of the rainforest” meditative tapes. But real.

AFTER HEARING A WOLF HOWL nearby while he was in the Lamar Valley, Edward Mitchell decided to start focusing on more of the sounds of Yellowstone, rather than the sights. He shot this vid on a Canon XH-A1 in 1080/24p with an Audio-Technica AT835b shotgun mic.

I recorded the sounds of thermal vents, mud pots, hot springs and more, while in Yellowstone in September 2011. The first half of the video is mostly mud pots, a famous geyser, and a bubbling hot spring inside a cave but the 2nd half features vents that sound like washing machines, a steam engine, popcorn popping and much more.

The sounds do more justice to this place than most of the shots I’ve seen; the gurgles of the mud pots give you an idea of the depth that images just can’t convey.

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