How do you like your city: miserable, underrated, or up-and-coming?
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CHECK OUT THE companion post today — U.S. City Rankings: Is Your Hometown “Miserable” or Just “Underrated”? — where I summarize the findings of three top-10’s of American cities. There’s the most miserable (Cleveland bagged this honor), the underrated (a list topped by Providence), and the “best for your future” (it’s Austin, baby).

If you disagree with any of this no-doubt-scientific name calling, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t make them up, I just wrote about them. But your opinion does matter…

Would you rather live in a miserable city, an underrated city, or an up-and-coming city?

I suppose a recent home purchase in Austin picks my pony for me, though to be honest I’m more of an underdog, miserable-shall-inherit kind of guy. I’m from San Antonio, after all.

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