Lonely Planet is giving the journey away to a winner and a guest. Contest deadline is October 7.

THE TRANS-SIBERIAN rail journey is easily one of the highlights of my traveling life. I took trains from St. Petersburg to Beijing (albeit independently) in 2007.

Shepherds in Mongolia

Stopping in Irkutsk, taking a bus (read: van) to Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal was my favourite part of the trip, but riding the rail itself for days on end is an experience I’ll never forget: neverending hot water from the samovar for tea and noodles, buying strange snacks and tall cans of Baltika beer from vendors on station platforms, wandering the train car hallways, meeting people from all walks of life. Reading. Lots of reading.

To enter Lonely Planet’s contest, visit their Great Journeys page and select from a list what your favourite journey is and explain why (you have 25 words to do so). Also included in the prize:

    1. 2 nights accommodation in a Moscow hotel.

1 night hotel accommodation in Beijing.

$5,000USD towards flights.

Good luck!

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