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I REMEMBER AS A KID scrubbing my skin really hard in the shower, trying to lighten my skin. I lived in a predominantly white town; I was trying my hardest to fit in more. These days I’m much more secure but I can certainly understand why an Asian male living in North America would be less than so. Studies have shown that American women consider Asian men to be the least attractive of any other race. Why is this? The video above points out that media likely plays a big part in that, perpetuating the stereotype of the Asian male as “nerdy” and “undateable.”

Furthermore, only 1% of leading roles in Hollywood go to Asian males. The good news is that it’s now being recognized and there are filmmakers and directors who are addressing this issue. Master of None (on Netflix) was one of my top shows in 2015. The show’s creator and lead actor, Aziz Ansari, uses his opportunity to break down many stereotypes of not just Asians, but other marginalized groups as well (eg LGBT). Plus it’s funny as hell.

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