This travelers camera lens is like a skipping stone, hopping from one country to the next.

DON’T GET TOO COMFY in any one location that Kien’s camera explores – as your eyes settle on Jordan you are ripped away to see Thailand or Argentina or France or Indonesia.

A ’round the world journey in 5 minutes leaves no room to loiter in any one location so don’t blink and always be ready to move.

The filmmakers story is a familiar one:

After I quit my job last year, I packed a bag, grabbed my camera and bought a one way ticket to London. 17 countries later, I put together this time lapse video of the many amazing places I came across.

To jump into Kien’s journey visit his website then get inspired to learn how to make a timelapse of your own. The inspiration to quit your job…you should have that already!

Video created by Kien Lam