Keep these film titles in mind when looking for your next storytelling approach…or for destination research.

After my recent library rental spree and subsequent sob fest, I felt I was onto a great exercise/entertainment idea – researching award-winning foreign films to study their practices of storytelling. I picked up the 2008 Academy Award-winner “Departures” under the impression that it was travel-centric, but it actually provided over two hours of tears (the good kind) as well as inspiration for my own video pursuits.

If you’re not into producing videos, don’t forget that foreign films give great cultural and historical context when researching destinations for future trips. Though my favorite method of trip prep is finding great traveler videos of a destination, feature foreign films offer unique stories and perspectives worth seeking out.

Here are two other Oscar winners in foreign film. And of course, it’s not just the awardees stateside that should be on your radar screen; there are many countries with booming industries and festivals for good film fishing.

The Counterfeiters (2007, Austria)

In a Better World (2010, Denmark)