Woman makes a film from 1 second of video shot every day of 2011.

July 2nd. Screenshot from video

What is a life made of? Is it the peak experiences that are easy to remember? Or is it all of the easily-forgotten points in between?

What if you filmed those in-between points?

What you get is a mosaic of a life. Of Madeline, a young woman who lives in Los Angeles, loves movies, and has friends (some of whom start the grill on fire with a can of WD-40, and others who dress like clowns.)

She also expresses herself, becomes melancholy, and gets stoked about old TV shows. She eats, she sleeps, and she works.

All of those average moments, once added up, offer a surprisingly intimate portrait of both a human being, and of what life is made of.

Video created by hey_rabbit.

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