EVERY SUMMER I TRY AND reserve at least a few weekends to spend up in the high Sierras. This year I was fortunate enough to camp at Blue Lakes for the Perseid Meteor Shower. It didn’t take much convincing to recruit my little sister to join me for a weekend of fishing and time-lapsing. Blue Lakes Campground is owned by PG&E and the cost averages around $50 for a two night minimum. The grounds are beautiful and many sites sit directly on the lake, making it worth the steep price to camp. We spent Friday night filming the stars in front of Upper Blue Lake, with a dramatic silhouette of Carson Pass on the horizon. We were expecting quite the show and were still surprised by the amount of meteors we were able to see after the moon set around 1 am. With the excitement for the shower peaking in the early morning, we were able to stay awake until about 5 am. We made a fire the following night and were still able to witness the show from the comfort of our campsite as the tree canopy opened up to the sea of stars. It was a great experience being able to disconnect from the modern world and soak in one of the best meteor showers in recent memory.

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