These 5 adventure stories will keep you watching long past bedtime.

Getting back on the rock. Photo by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith

A climber wants to climb his favorite routes without his right leg. A backcountry skier wants to tackle an untamed mountain. A couple of mountain bikers want to push the limits of physics. A nomadic climber wants to raise her daughter without losing her transient lifestyle. A fisherman wants to prove the existence of a “phantom run” of steelhead.

Stories are about what someone wants and what stands in their way. How we relate to the stories is what makes them compelling. Chances are, one or all of these stories will have elements each one of us can relate to. These five people may seem like super-athletes, with a different set of problems and circumstances from the rest of us.

These stories will almost certainly disprove that, showing that our circumstances are much closer to theirs that we ever imagined. Watching these stories unfold won’t just reveal these adventurers, they will reveal something about all of us–maybe, inspiring all of us to take that next step in our lives.

Video created by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith.