THE INTERNET IS FULL OF SADNESS AND FAILURE. Usually, when I click on a video of someone attempting a stunt, I’m expecting it to end horribly, with, at best, someone getting smacked in the testicles, and at worst, with someone getting grievously injured while a slide whistle and circus music plays, à la America’s Funniest Home Videos.

But sometimes, those aspiring stunt men and women succeed in their stunt, and these successes are way more fun to watch. The YouTube Channel People Are Awesome compiles videos of humans behaving awesomely, and at the end of each year, makes a best-of video. This year’s video is incredible, and is the antidote to the side of the internet that is full of nut-shots, fails, and schadenfreude. If you’re at the office, no sound is required to watch the awesomeness.

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