Three guys on brakeless tricycles hit 55mph ripping down mountain roads.

Smoking Brakes. Photo by Devin Graham

Ripping down a mountain road at over fifty-five miles per hour: fun. Passing cars on the shoulder: reckless. Wind in your hair: fun. Pulling high-G corners on tricycles cobbled together from bike parts welded together in someone’s basement: reckless. Nothing to stop you but the soles of your shoes: seriously?

This video captures what appears to be a Darwin Award in action. Three crazy bastards hauling-ass at motorcycle speeds with little more protection than a helmet and the steel shank of a pair of work boots. Cliff-edge corners come up hard and fast on roads like this and it’s clear that these guys are one hair-pin from becoming meat-waffles.

But you can’t help but notice the smiles on these guys’ faces, almost as if it’s worth it to burn out a pair of shoes doing something this reckless

Video created by: Devin Graham.