Check out this killer round-the-world timelapse.

OVER SIX YEARS, Sean F. White traveled around the world, capturing timelapses of some of the most recognizable locations on the planet, including clips from 24 countries on all 7 continents.

Many came from his work on the crew of Art Wolfe’s “Travels to the Edge” series:

    “I’ve combined my favourite shots from these trips into non-narrative film that touches on a theme close to my heart: Sacred Earth.”

Screenshot from video

As part of the film crew, he enjoyed access to many places that ordinary travelers usually don’t get:

    “My life as a filmmaker has blessed me with the privilege of seeing some of the most surreal and timeless places on the planet,” White says on the film’s Vimeo page.

Photographing such unique locations has left a deep impression and inspired White to propose an expansion of the project:

I would love to revisit many of the locations in this film and other powerful sacred sites around the world to create a feature-length “Terra Sacra”. The film would combine real-time, slow-motion, and motion control time lapse imagery – all in stereoscopic 3D. If you are an angel investor, potential sponsor, broadcaster, distributor or someone deeply passionate who would would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sit through a feature-length timelapse of this quality? Hell yes.