These unbelievably clear images were captured 22,369 miles away by a Russian weather satellite and pieced together to create the timelapse above.

WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES and imagine our home world, this is the masterpiece of terra firma that revolves behind my eyelids.

planet earth, full resolution 121 megapixel

The satellite images combine visible and infrared wavelengths of light, creating a 121-megapixel shot every 30 minutes — giving one of the clearest looks at our planet.

The guy responsible for this timelapse happens to also have an interactive website with oodles of space videos and zoomable images taken from orbiting satellites. His Tumblr is pretty dope too — if you’re a fan of the golden ratio and mind-blowing images of nature.

Next time you’re outside, look up and smile. You might be having your picture taken.