Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham can school you at the skate park sitting down.

Backflip. Screenshot from video.

I’m no stranger to riding bikes at the local skate park. Ever since dropping into my first bowl, I’ve been amazed at the huge tricks thrown by the kids riding BMXs. They had no fear, and, often, no brakes. What amazed me more than their skills was their dedication to riding.

Hanging out at the park

with these guys pushing the limits of bikes vs. gravity, I began to get jaded by huge air, spins and back flips. I began to think I’d seen it all.

Then I stumbled on this video and it changed my world. It forced me to reassess the limits of both wheeled machines and the people who ride them. If, like me, this is the first time you’ve seen ‘Wheelz,’ you’re in for a treat. Chances are you’re going to start seeing a lot of him as he lays down the law on big courses like the Giganta-ramp. No matter how many times I replay this video I can’t get enough. Shame on me for forgetting what people can do when they’re fueled by passion.

Video created by Allan Hardy.

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