A lonely plastic toy takes a Google Maps journey to discovers true freedom.

THIS CUTE LITTLE VIDEO cuts right to the heart of the

This is a wonderful example of a travel video that is not a travel video. It offers truths about the yearning for movement and new frontiers that everybody and everything feels while never leaving the small office where it was shot.

I believe the miniature man in the video is capable of expressing these very human emotions for two reasons. The desire for travel is right on the surface of my skin, my mind relates and yearns for it and so it doesn’t take much to make me stare out the window imagining unseen vistas. The second reason this video works so well is that we all feel like inanimate objects left on the shelf from time to time.

So the little plastic man’s freedom is our freedom. His adventure is earned by both the banality of his existence and the balls it takes to realize that ultimately, he is in control.

Video created by theoryfilmsUK