Amy Goodman is an investigative journalist who is the host and cofounder of the independent news broadcast Democracy Now! The War and Peace Report. Goodman has a decades-long career in investigative journalism and stands today as a prime example of what has been lost in the 24-hour, corporate news cycle: a well-informed critic. While news anchors today merely commentate on the same small pieces of news over and over again as if they are purely entertainment, Goodman and her fellow Democracy Now! journalists call in the people who are actually being effected by the issues — and they certainly don’t devote an exorbitant amount of time to just one political candidate who happened to say another stupid and somewhat amusing thing.

Goodman claims in this video that the biggest issues of today are ‘war and peace, life and death and anything less than that is a disservice to a democratic society.’ She explains in this short interview just how much the corporate media is succeeding in ruining the US 2016 presidential election.

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