Peter Wawerzinek’s fiction comes from himself, where he remixes his experiences to come up with new worlds.

Peter Wawerzinek speaks of his life in Berlin. Photo by Jette Miller.

The Most Interesting Person Project is a series of interviews in which each person interviewed gives the name of the person they think is the most interesting person they know. That person then gets interviewed, starting the cycle over.
Fifty years ago this month (August 13th, 1961) East Germany began erecting the Berlin Wall to stop the flood of East Germans fleeing to the west. For much of Peter Wawerzinek’s life Berlin was divided. These experiences and many others from his childhood are the fuel for his writing.

“I think every human being has enough inside him to write thirty or forty books,” Wawerzinek says.

Writing comes from inside, percolating with our own observations and experience. A writer need not be an orphan in East Germany during the tumultuous years of occupation to produce great work.

Video created by Jette Miller of Most Interesting Person.