Gunther Machu makes a video with views from one of my favorite places: 30,000 ft.

Screenshot from video

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO TRAVEL around the world one and a half times in airplanes? What could you see?

Of course, you’ll see a lot of airports. I have to admit, I’m one of thise people who actually likes airports. They’re often quiet, and there’s almost always a cafe with tables on the concourse, attempting to trick your travel-boggled mind into believing you are sitting at an outdoor cafe in France or Italy drinking an espresso, basking in the rays of the fluorescent lights.

The best part about airports? The windows. Huge windows looking out at the works of industrial art lifting off the ground, and gliding in for landing.

Airplanes are magical.

There is no comparison between looking up at them from the ground or looking at the ground from inside the plane. Looking down from 30,000 feet is almost always better. Few things will give you a grasp on how many places there are to see as the 12×18 inch airplane window.

If only the windows in the airplane were as big as the ones in the airport.

Video created by Gunther Machu.

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