White City continue their punk rock tour across Kyrgyzstan, stoking local crowds and trying to become Big In The Stans.

CHANNEL 5 TV is has one of the biggest morning shows in Kyrgyzstan. We were utterly unaware of this when we appeared on it, completely hungover from the night before. The show has live text feeds and the most common question was “what does White City mean?” Short answer: it’s a United Nations threat level.

Kyrgyz TV

Kyrgyz cuisine is not for the vegetarian or faint-hearted. We sampled kymyz (horse milk, like goat’s milk mixed with petrol), horse meat, sheep head, and intestines. The nomadic culture’s cuisine centers around horse and mutton and any requests for non-meat products are met with quizzical looks.

Our trip to Issyk-Kul Lake was a welcome respite from touring. The tenth largest lake in the world is a summer retreat for Kyrgyz and Kazakh alike and apparently never freezes, hence its name, which means “hot lake”.

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