Joshywashington and friends take the GoPro through 72 crazy hours at the weirdest party on earth.

I STRAP THE CAMERA ON MY HEAD and plunge down the rabbit hole that is Burning Man. A great place to get lost in, indeed. A great place to collide with thousands of fun loving souls and dance until dawn.

Because I don’t know how to adequately explain what happens to me for that week in the desert I have made this video. I also made this video to remind myself how fun life is, how easy it can be to get into a big glittery pile of giddy mischief.

I love Ian McKenzie’s take on Burning Man. His Love Letter to the Temple of Transition moved me the first, second, and third time I watched it. I couldn’t have done that video, and I like that. I am grateful that others are here to remind me of the introspective moments of hope and love between the tequila and trampolines.

I like to think Ian and I present the yin and yang of the Burning Man experience. A dichotomy of soulful silence and playful shrieks, of monks and merry pranksters.

Of prayers and pyrotechnics.

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