Sweetgrass Productions uses a web-sereis of behind-the-scenes videos to market their latest ski video.

The original snowcat. Photo by Sweetgrass Productions

Watching “On the Road with Soltaire” is like watching the “special features” of the DVD before getting to see the film. Of course, the series is being released one episode at a time, each video highlighting one leg of the production to keep interest high, building up to the release of the full feature this fall. It’s definitely a gimmick. It’s a carrot tied to a stick to lead viewers where they want them to go. And I, for one, am following.

Giving me a taste of what you are working on makes me feel like I’m in on the secret. That feeling like you’re involved is key in marketing anything. A series that gives a glimpse into the minds of the filmmakers as they’re shooting or editing the piece feels like the perfect amount of hype to me.

Video created by Sweetgrass Productions.