Does this video, with neither voice, nor context, still deliver the feeling of their travels?

For some, this is the imagery of travel. Photo by thinklab

Video is a very well-rounded media form, using both audio and moving imagery to convey the message. Is something lost when you take away one of the key features?

Like someone who loses their sense of sight or hearing, whose other senses get more sensitive to make up for the gap, a video missing the elements of audio can still be effective, as long as the other elements are stronger.

This is especially effective when the missing piece adds a level of disorientation–a symptom often associated with travel. In this case, the extremely progressive music adds to the feeling of being on unfamiliar ground. With a few exceptions, I have no idea where each of the clips was taken, but it doesn’t matter. I’m seeing the places in a very immediate way. I am not distracted by a narrator. I am simply living the experience of travel with the ghostlike woman who appears and disappears on a whim.
Video created by Thinklab.