OFFICIAL CLIP of the much anticipated new hit single!

Entirely shot and recorded during the rock climbing, sailing musical expedition to Greenland and Baffin Island summer 2014!

Four years after Vertical Sailing Greenland, Captain Reverend Bob Shepton (79) calls the Wild Bunch (Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Benjamin Ditto, Olivier, and Nicolas Favresse) back onto his boat for a major mission! On board the Dodo’s Delight (a 10 m sailboat) the team measures up with arctic ice, polar bears, and ferocious storms in search of the holy grail — to find unclimbed big walls and musical enlightenment. After some mouthwatering walls and tunes in Greenland, it’s in Baffin Island that they find big virgin walls to feed their musical inspirations, propelling the group to ultimate all-new heights!

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