Why, when you’re willing to commit, anything is possible.

You clutch rough stone, coated with chalk dust left behind by the climbers before you. Tiny granite crystals dig into your fingers, and hold you up, even as your forearms tremble. Your feet are poised to push you up to the next hold. They slip a little. You think they will hold you, but a glance down reminds you that it looks a lot further down than it appeared from the ground. The next hold is up there, waiting, just out of reach. You could down climb right now and save yourself a possible nasty fall.

Thomasina Pidgeon committing to the climb and life. Photo by Bryan Smith

In climbing, this moment where you’re most challenged is called “the crux move.” This moment is all about commitment. Skill and practice play parts, but even an expert climber who is not committed to a route can slip, even if the route is easy.

Living life the way you truly want to is the every-day crux move. Thomasina Pidgeon speaks about the trade-offs she makes in order to raise her child while staying on the road, climbing, and living the way she wants to.

People just have to decide, ‘ok, I want to do this,’ and then commit to it…they have to realize that it’s not always going to be super easy.

Every day, you have to decide, are you committed to living your life or aren’t you?

You look back at the handhold that appears out of your reach. Your calves and leg muscles tighten, ready to push you to the next hold. Your hand comes off the rock, reaching

Video created by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith.