You may not need to have a “list” to live life to the fullest, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

Craig DeMartino has a list going in his head at all times.

“The list started as an experiment, a way for Craig to motivate, to follow through on his passion after the amputation. It has evolved into a yearly ritual.” – Fitz Cahall

For Craig, the experiment has given way to a routine that he follows to push himself further in his lifestyle as a climber.

Climbing is a great sport for goal-oriented people, with routes posted, and check-boxes to tick off next to each ascent. It’s enough to make the perpetual list-maker in me to drool.

Unfortunately, I have lists coming at me from every direction like a pack of rabid monkeys. I’d love to say I can pick them off one-by-one like a ninja high on zen and Red Bull.

Write article on road-tripping the British Columbia. Slice!

Shop for niece’s birthday. Judo chop!

Snowshoe trip to Red Lodge, Montana. Roundhouse kick!

Craig DeMartino checks another one off his list. Sceenshot from video

The truth is, they’re a pack, and like any pack of primates, they work together to bring me down, burying me under an avalanche of half-crossed-out paper.

What that paper does for me is exactly what it has done for Craig. Once I dig out from under the mountain of lists, I, inevitably, start a new list with the best parts of the old. I let the unnecessary entries disappear into the dumpster and begin work on what’s really important.

It’s the cycle of list re-birth that gives me the direction I need to keep motivated. 

Video created by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith.

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