The NFL’s rules for Super Bowl ads are very clear that no activism ads are allowed. The NFL is also pretty darn diligent in trying to protect its brand. This commercial wasn’t submitted to the Super Bowl for consideration, because they never would allow it to air — which is why Change the Mascot released it independently.

Ah, Redskin. The ‘R’-word. Even the dictionary describes it as a “usually offensive” term for Native Americans. The majority of the major civil rights organizations have come together to condemn it. There’s actually a study that says it’s actually detrimental to the mental health of Native American citizens.

Ask yourself: If you met a Native American, would you actually feel fine calling them a Redskin to their face? Would you think it was a little strange to call a team the Colorado Whiteskins? Or the Texas Blackskins? Then why the hell are so many people fine with Redskins? Racial stereotyping, just because it shows up almost nonchalantly in popular sports culture, is not okay. Change starts with awareness, so watch this video and think twice the next time you casually use the term Redskin.