Created by the Viet Cong to burrow underneath the American military and launch sneak attacks, today the Cu Chi tunnels are a popular tourist day trip.

IF YOUR IDEA OF A GOOD TIME is crawling on your hands and knees through tiny, dirt-packed tunnels while the sound of automatic weapons rattles overhead you will absolutely love the Cu Chi tunnels.

photo by medeny

In this video Anthony and Elise of Positive World Travel take their camera into the tunnels to share the claustrophobia. They squeeze through holes and wiggle through tight passages, always with the camera rolling.

Watching this vid brought me right back to my experience in the tunnels several years ago. I had marveled at the size of the tunnels, which had already been made ‘King size’ for tourists and I beheld with fascinated horror the Viet Cong booby traps on display that aimed to maim and kill victims in the most painful manner.

Sites like Cu Chi amaze me. In an eye blink of history they have gone from a place of enormous pain, stress, bloodshed and contention to a well touted tourist trap. It makes you wonder what other monuments of war will welcome foreigners in the near future?

Video created by Positive World Travel

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