She lets it all hang out, thrilling a shocked crowd and pissing off the cops.

THIS SUMMER, 24-year old Seanna Sharpe did an illegal acrobatics show 285 feet up the Williamsburg bridge, 11 stories over rush hour train traffic, performing on a double-silk cloud swing of her own invention.

As you will see in this harrowing crowd-shot video, Seanna dares death to the pleasure of gawking pedestrians and to the chagrin of local of authorities. But she isn’t some random bridge climbing hooligan, despite being cuffed and driven away in a police cruiser, Seanna is one of New York’s top aerialists.

I guess you would have to be to pull a stunt like this!

I couldn’t resist checking out Seanna’s website, having developed a healthy video-crush on her and I was delighted to read that Seanna is a serious traveler.

‘In 2008, after dancing across 26 countries, Sharpe left everything and everyone behind and moved to New York City.’

I don’t know what ‘dancing across 26 countries’ looks like, but I would not mind finding out….where’s the link to that video?

Video crated by Ronan V

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