Mother Nature bitch-slaps Sweetgrass Productions with a double-dose of terrible weather.

Making the most of it. Photo by Sweetgrass Productions

After two years, the Soltaire team arrives in Argentina to find nothing but dry rocks on the slopes. Then, when the snow comes, it’s accompanied by ferocious winds and below-zero temperatures making the climb to the top of the slope an exercise in attrition. Skilled filmmakers can usually find something great to shoot in every situation, and the footage they come away with is attractive, though far from what they’d hoped for. No amount of preparation can trump nature, especially when the subject is so nature-dependent.

So, what can you do when everything seems to fall apart, looking like a skier chasing his skis down the slope after a mean crash? Aside from screaming and throwing a few things, nothing. Collect what you can and move on. A big part of what makes shooting outdoor sports interesting is the unpredictability of it all. If you ever find yourself in this situation, imagine shooting everything in the controlled environment of the studio. Sound fun? Then get the hell off the slopes. If it sounds boring, it’s time to lug your camera gear up the next killer chute and hope nature helps you get the shot.

Video created by Sweetgrass Productions.

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