Jeremy and Kevin race to finish their jump lines before the snow flies.

Prepare for takeoff. Photo by Bryan Smith and Fitz Cahall

Inland British Columbia’s incredible landscape have drawn mountain bikers for decades. The major drawback of the landscape is that winter often comes early and leaves late. Snow piles up for weeks or months longer than the lower latitudes of North America.

What’s a mountain biker to do?

The most common answer is pick up a set of skis, or a snowboard and learn how to use it. A lucky few, however, indulge in a nomadic lifestyle, hitting the road to warmer climes to live the “endless summer.”

For an adventurous few, the obvious answer is to just keep riding as if the season hasn’t changed. Imagine hitting that rocky Burke Mountain trail that took you all summer to ride clean, but now with two meters of snow on it. The challenges never end.  

Video created by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith.

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