Crowd-funded documentary series follows a group of surfers establishing restoration projects along Japan’s post-tsunami coast.

WHAT DO YOU DO when the place you love gets demolished? Clean it up? Rebuild? Move on?

What if the place is both demolished and potentially toxic?

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This unfolding documentary series from Lisa Katayama and TED film director Jason Wishnow follows a group of surfers who risk exposure to radiation to spearhead restoration projects on Japan’s devastated coast.

The risks involved in these clean-up efforts — and those faced by the people who live here — are still unclear.

Autumn Ness, the surfer profiled in Chapter 1, started working on the coast a month after the tsunami hit. She voices her frustration over the continuing opaqueness of the radiation status:

“I wish that someone, who had any clue what they were talking about, and didn’t have an agenda, would come here and just give us the thumbs up or the thumbs down. Is it that hard?”

As the series progresses, locals, activists, and radiation experts will offer their views on the ongoing catastrophe. This documentary is being crowd-funded, meaning that each chapter will only be released when it’s funded.

Check out the crowd-funding campaign video or go to their website to see how the project is progressing. Matador will also be posting each episode when it goes live. 

Video created by We Are All Radioactive.