HANG SON DOONG IS THE LARGEST KNOWN cave in the world, and it was only discovered in 1991. Located in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park near the Laos border in Vietnam, it is approximately 30,000 feet in length, and 490 feet deep. The cave has its own jungle and its own climate — it is truly a wonder of the world. But because of it’s relative inaccessibility, relatively little exploration has been done on the site: the cave wasn’t fully traversed until 2010.

Now, the world finally gets to see it in full, staggering detail, thanks to drone footage taken by the China-based American photographer Ryan Deboodt. The video reveals a truly immense, spectacular cave, which Deboodt described as an alien planet. It took him 8 days to shoot the full thing, but it was absolutely worth it.

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