While drones for military use are a mixed bag at best, drones for aerial photography are unequivocally awesome. There have been a number of really great videos out recently featuring shots taken from miniature aerial quadcopter drones — shots that would likely not be possible to recreate with humans or larger aircraft. Because of this, we’re getting all sorts of perspectives on the world we’ve never got before.

In this case, it’s of Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska. The shots were taken with a GoPro camera mounted on a DJI Phantom — a remote-control quadcopter designed specifically with GoPros in mind. The thing is, the Phantom isn’t particularly unaffordable, as far as drones go, and neither is the GoPro. So I’d imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more videos like this. Hell, if I had one of these, I’d use it to see if there were any bags of Doritos left on the top shelf of my pantry.

Used in nature, though, it’s spectacular — these are sights we just wouldn’t be able to see without having to climb through treacherous crevasses, or hang-glide over a glacier. A whole new world has been opened to us.

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