Keith Malloy’s “Come Hell or High Water” has everything you expect in a great surf movie, except the boards.

Extreme Body Surfing. Photo by Bengt Nyman

To a lot of people, life seems to get more and more complicated. Not for surfers. As Keith Malloy’s upcoming movie “Come Hell or High Water” shows, surfing is going back to its roots. Way back. Back before the surf board.

Unlike sports where you can’t get noticed unless you have the newest and coolest gear, body surfing allows a bunch of people playing on the beach to be made into a feature film.

I’m not down-playing the skills these people have (a lot of those waves would pound me into jelly), I just find it surprising to find a film that pulls back from the energy-drink-fueled-spring-break-look of the current surf film and gives it the clean, down-home feel of summer vacation with grandma.

Of course, this does add a little time for reflection and the philosophy of life on the ocean, something sorely lacking in most sports vids. Am I being too heretical to ask for a blend of the thrilling action and the philosophy that feeds it? Maybe. If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll invite grandma to spring break

Video created by Keith Malloy.