SHARKNADO, AS WE ALL KNOW, IS A RIDICULOUS concept. Sharkcano, it turns out, is not. Scientists visiting the Kavachi Submarine Volcano in the Solomon Islands recently dropped a camera into the active volcano’s underwater caldera, with the hope of seeing if there was any life down there. The suspicion was that there wouldn’t be any large animal life, because, unsurprisingly, an active volcano is a pretty hostile environment for big animals to live in.

What they found instead was hammerhead sharks. This is a surprising discovery for a bunch of reasons: first, if the volcano was erupting (as it often does), the sharks in the caldera would be killed. So it would make sense that sharks would avoid the volcano. Which could mean that they have some way of knowing when the volcano is going to erupt. Or it could just mean that when it does, they all die. Either way, Sharkcano is kind of terrifying.

Featured Photo: istolethetv