This is what it feels like to fly. ‘Experience Zero Gravity’ allows the viewer to float, flip and free fall with BASE jumping pros.

I HAVE SEEN A TON of BASE jumping videos. However, I have never watched one so evocative and so beautifully shot.

Infinity List delivers adventure sport videos like a welcome punch to the face. To browse their site is to frolic on bikes, in snow, sky, and water with professional athletes and their capable cameramen.

Photo by Betty Wants In

How many GoPros can you spot in this video? This portable HD device has emerged as the go-to camera for daredevils and athletes who want to let us see the world from their hitherto unknowable POV.

I recently nabbed a GoPro and have so far been stoked on the seemingly endless possibilities and the sick footage. But judging from this vid, I have a loooong way to go before I am pushing the limits of cinema and personal safety.

Video by Betty Wants In