If you missed L.A.’s empty I-405, there’s a secret to faking your own carmageddon.

With the word ‘Carmageddon’ circulating around the news world and twitterverse, I actually had a horrifying dream this weekend to fit the extreme nature of this nickname. When this much-anticipated ‘carpocalypse’ finished ahead of schedule and without disastrous consequences, I was frankly relieved but also further inclined to envision how eerie and peaceful the closed freeway probably was this weekend.

Ross Ching is a filmmaker skilled at time lapse videos, and prior to the recent freeway closure in L.A., he was able to shoot and edit a video of this phenomenon by layering images in Photoshop and creating a mask over his video. Utilizing high resolution images and tripod/camera settings that never moved, he created the panning movement. In simpler steps, this is how Ross describes his technique:

    Here are the basics:
  1. Record for many hours.
  2. Go frame by frame and grab pieces of the road that aren’t obstructed by a car. Eventually, you will have every piece of the road.
  3. Put the static image of the road in with the moving background.

Here’s another edit of his footage, in case one video is just not enough.

Video created by: Ross Ching