Perfect for a 4th of July hangover! A beat-driven photo time lapse of fireworks exploding showers of sparks into the night.

I love fireworks. I love the way they smell, the way the fuse burns my finger tips when I hold it too long, I love the smoke, the noise. Nothing brings me into the spirit of summer like the 4th of July, for me it is a hedonistic orgy of pyrotechnics, cheap beer and waterfront activities. Of course there are other times of year to indulge in the glory of exploding shells of colored sparks, but the 4th signals the start of camping, BBQs and our brief but beautiful Seattle summer.

This year my wife and I joined hundreds on sidewalks, lawns and parks to watch the annual display over Lake Union in Seattle. Gulping clandestine wine from the bottle and jostling for camera position, it is one of the few times that people are out in such numbers. It is warm, kids wave sparklers. The cheap wine goes down easy.

Video created by Jon DeBoer

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