Black Rhinos are sedated and airlifted in a massive effort to expand the endangered species range.

AFTER AN EPIC 1500 kilometer journey South Africa the country 19 of the critically endangered animals were moved from the Eastern Cape to a new location in Limpopo province.

Word Wildlife Fund project leader Dr Jacques Flamand; “The operation was difficult due to the number of animals and the long distances involved.

But wildlife veterinarians, conservation managers and capture teams from WWF, Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency, SANParks and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife worked cooperatively to ensure the success of the translocation. We all learned from one another and were united in a common cause.

Translocating rhinos always involves risk, but we cannot keep all our eggs in one basket. It is essential to manage black rhino populations for maximum growth as it is still a critically endangered species and this is what the project does by creating large new populations which we hope will breed quickly”

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