Artist and documentary filmmaker Jeanno Gaussi travels without fear.

Jeanno Gaussi talks about fearless travel. Photo by Stuart Holt

Born in Afghanistan before moving to Germany, Jeanno Gaussi has been exposed to many cultures. Since then, she has collaborated with other artists on projects that explore what home means to people throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. This means plenty of travel time in places with different cultural expectations from what she is used to in Berlin, especially toward women.

“I tried to be completely open to everything,” she says. “I was without fear.”

This fearless travel has given her some of her best experiences. “I think it’s always a reflection how you are facing your environment,” she says of the way positive experiences come to you on the road. “For me, it’s important to find the positive part, because you need some positive to change.”

Video created by Stuart Holt.