Greg skied over two million feet last season. What’s next? A trip to the mountain that denied him when he was 16: Rainier.

LAST WINTER, Greg Hill may have had the most epic ski season ever recorded. Over two million feet of vertical. This year he had a problem: skiing 2.1 million feet just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Instead of upping the vert, Greg decided to ski Mt. Rainier.

I’ve stared up at the sides of Rainier so many times and wondered what skiing all of that snow would be like. All of that white standing over Seattle like a giant frosted cupcake gives “the Mountain” a bit of a cartoonish look. From way down at the bottom, it’s easy to look up and think anyone could strap on a pair of skis and drift serenely to the bottom.

Why doesn’t everyone do it?

Because many of them would die. Even an experienced skimountaineer can get into serious trouble on Rainier’s slopes.

Greg’s got a lot going for him, though…he got over two million feet of ski-mountaineering experience last winter. 

Video created by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith.