It’s gotten to the point where I’m a little bit terrified to go out on the road because I know how many people are texting or using their smartphones. Distracted driving is just a part of our world now, and virtually everyone I know has done it at one time or another. What’s particularly scary is when you catch yourself not paying attention, and you realize that, had a cyclist or a pedestrian been standing there at the moment you got distracted, you could have done them serious harm, or even could have killed them.

So what does a bike-friendly future look like? It might involve self-driving cars. Google has been working on self-driving cars for a while, and I’ve always wondered about problems with cyclists and pedestrians. It turns out, self-driving cars might actually be more courteous to bikers than human drivers are. At the very least, they check behind them for cyclists before turning, which is more than I can say of most cars in the city (check out the 1:02 mark of the video above if you want to get straight to the bike-related technology).

Obviously this is a future that is a ways off, but we may well be seeing safer, more bike-friendly roads in the next few decades.

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