One year after tragedy and – for many – little has changed; Port-au-Prince is still scattered with tent communities.

Much of the documentation we feature on MatadorTV can be described as celebratory – travel moments in which we feel compelled to say, “Look how amazing this world is!” At the same time, this world we venerate has other moments and pockets of sadness important to note and work for change.

Haiti’s earthquake occurred over a year ago, and many communities remain desperately under-served. In a couple weeks, I (intern Lindsay) will be taking a freelance documentary job in Port-au-Prince – a role for which I feel utterly unprepared, regardless of my obsessive documentary lifestyle.

In an effort to understand and anticipate this upcoming experience, I’ll be posting a series of videos this week, called ‘Haiti in View.’ And as always, your commentary and dialogue with MatadorTV is always appreciated.

Video created by: Jack Gruber

Feature photo by United Nations Photo