Few things explain the impact of a massive natural disaster better than a personal narrative by someone affected.


In the next video of this Haiti series, Five One Films makes the earthquake’s tragic aftermath very personal. It’s difficult to imply the anguish as an outsider to a dire situation, but this method of telling someone’s specific story and highlighting the beautiful humanity that fuels it seems most effective. On top of their superb b-roll, Five One Films does a great job pulling together a succinct piece that can stand alone or act as a teaser to a feature film.

The purpose of the Haiti in View series is to research documentary efforts and stories being told from Haiti currently. I (intern Lindsay) will soon embark on a freelance documentary job unlike any video gig I’ve had before. And when the traveling community and world wide web lend themselves to an exchange of ideas and helpful research, why not involve you travel vid-savvy folks to guide this overwhelming task?


Five One Films