Karin Heisecke finds happiness following her passion to become a Vagina Warrior.

The Most Interesting Person Project is a series of interviews in which each person interviewed gives the name of the person they think is the most interesting person they know. That person then gets interviewed, starting the cycle over.

Karin Heisecke talks about being a vagina warrior. Photo by Stuart Holt

Karin Heisecke quit a job at the European Union headquarters of the United Nations to become the European Director of the V-Day end violence against women and girls project, going from someone who wielded significant political influence to director of a grassroots organization. What some might call a “voluntary demotion” has made her a happier person. Fighting for a cause she believes in is how she broke free to live life on her terms. Working at a job that doesn’t feed your passion is a waste, even if it’s viewed as a great career by others. It takes a brave person to give up economic certainty to do what makes them happy. As for Heisecke, her passion for the cause and overall happiness with her life have helped the spread V-Day’s message to millions of people who would not otherwise have gotten it.
Video created by Stuart Holt.