Tom Donhou thinks he can go 100mph on his custom-built bicycle. That’s silly fast, but nowhere near the world record of 167mph set by Fred Rompelberg drafting behind a drag-race car on a six-mile run at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Without a dragster, and with only two miles of runway to get up to speed, Donhou can’t possibly reach that pace. So what’s the point of risking his life when he has no shot at getting into the record book?

This project isn’t about setting land records for us, it’s about using our imaginations, being resourceful.

We’re bombarded daily with stories of the biggest and best. Donhou probably won’t become a household name. Getting famous isn’t the challenge he seems interested in. Building a bike that doesn’t kill him while he out-pedals his shit-box car is challenge enough.

Living large is often about setting a goal that seems impossible — the kind of goal that makes your friends laugh before they realize you’re serious — and then making it happen.

You just get this mad moment where it doesn’t matter what the hell happens. All you care about is focused on that bumper and you really don’t give a shit and you’ll pedal that thing ’til the wheels come off.

Even only halfway to the world record, Donhou, out-pedaling his own car on a homemade bike, sounds pretty hardcore.

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