Thomasina Pidgeon wants to hit every bouldering problem in North America, from V0- up.

It seems a little bit crazy that a woman that routinely conquers V12 bouldering problems chooses to add a bunch of V0s to her list of climbs. That’s exactly what Thomasina Pidgeon does when she hits a new area.

The joy of the climb. Photo by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith

Most climbers will start a session on climbs below their ability to warm up, or get familiar with the type of rock. Usually, however, after they’re comfortable, they begin scoping out climbs that will push their abilities. This is the evolution that pushes them to become better climbers.

They choose not to waste too much time on routes that won’t challenge them.

So why does Thomasina’s list of to-do problems include all of the V0s and V1s in an area? It boils down to fun. She doesn’t just want to climb the best stuff in the area she’s in, she wants to climb EVERYTHING in the area she’s in.

It seems like a challenge for a climber who has accomplished so much. 

Video created by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith.
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